Why You Should Take a Luxury Guided Boat Tour in Florida

What’s not to love about a luxury guided boat tour in Florida? The weather is always sunny, the sights are amusing, and the seafood cuisines are guaranteed to tickle just about anyone’s taste buds. It’s a marveling state, no doubt, and statistics agree. Every year 122.4 million people visit the Everglazed state, and while a percentage of this number goes for business calls, a good portion goes to seek out the east coast pleasure. Admittedly, Florida offers the perfect paradise for thalassophile looking to explore the region’s boundless waterways and experience the incredible adventures the sunny state has, among them, boating.

Here are five compelling reasons to hire a luxury guided boat tour in Florida:

Boating in Florida has grown extremely popular with tourists, most of whom look to the recreation for angling, snorkeling, diving, kayaking, and memorable sails into the fiery Florida sun. If any of these activities is right around your alley, then luxury guided boat tours should hit the spot. Unlike your regular boating experience, luxury boat tours take the crown for bringing
leisure, intimacy, and world-class service to vacationers, but wait; there’s more. Ahead we’re listing five more benefits of taking a luxury guided boat tour in Florida.
We have nothing against commercial tour boats; however, it’s inarguable that the long ticket queues, jammed parking lots, insane traffic jams leading to their harbors, and crammed boat spaces are a nuisance. No one wants to go through all that while vacationing. With luxury guided tours, boaters enjoy ample space, privacy, security, and comfort. One doesn’t have to worry about their valuables when boating with these companies, nor do they have to worry about blocking other passengers from taking in the views and scenery. Luxury guided boating tours are no doubt the convenient option for that quality time with your loved ones in a noninvasive setting.
You’ll come to love how flexible luxury boating tour companies are. Of course, they require one to make prior bookings and arrangements; however, they maintain a commendable level of flexibility that regular boating companies don’t. When shopping for a luxury tour boat, you’ll notice that most available options are willing to adapt to your time schedules, activities, and locations. This feature is quite the deal for someone looking to experience Florida’s beaches and canals without a rushed commercial schedule.
Insider information 
One thing is certain with luxury guided boat tours- you’ll have a tour guide on deck. When you charter a luxury boat to tour Florida’s pristine waters, you will be assigned an experienced boating tour guide. The tour guide will fill you in on all you need to know about the subtropical paradise, from the region’s history to area facts and maritime knowledge. At times, your tour guide will point out notable stops, wildlife, and local backstories to create an overall conversational atmosphere that’s calm and relaxed enough for you to learn a thing or two about Florida’s waters.
Personalized experience
Here’s the thing about regular boat tours, they are tailored to appeal to the masses. If you’re looking to take in Florida’s shorelines on your terms, your best bet would be hiring a luxury guided boat touring company. These companies are known to prioritize all the regions and sights the client is looking to explore; your boating crew will essentially make a point of including them in your tour itinerary. Suppose you’d like to have some extracurricular activities like snorkeling, jet skiing, or mealtimes as part of the tour experience; the crew will facilitate it for you. 
Five-star service
The quality of service offered by luxury guided boating tour companies is incomparable; after all, you’ll be paying for the best of the best, so it’s only fitting that you get the five-star treatment. Intrinsically, Florida’s luxe chartered boats don’t hold back when providing top-notch services to their clientele. These companies will equip you with exemplary trained staff and crew, high-end amenities, unlimited refreshments, and entertainment for your trip. Along with that, your touring crew will hook you up with the best activities to spice up your boating tour and lend a willing helping hand and sound advice throughout the trip whenever necessary.
Final thoughts
A luxury guided boat tour will always top any water excursion- the element of privacy, flexibility, insider information, and personalization offered by these chartered tours is enough to give it an edge over most activities offered in Florida. While the pricing for this type of recreation is admittedly costly, the convenience and quality of the experience are worth a dime. Even for the stoic tourists, luxury guided boat tours are guaranteed to hit the spot. If you’re looking to dip your toes into guided luxury boating, we hope this article gave you the insight you need to treat yourself to a sun-filled, tropical boating adventure.