Cape Coral in Florida, Scenic Route View

Cape Coral, Florida – A Sight Worth Seeing When Visiting

Established about six decades ago, Cape Coral, Florida, is one of the fastest-growing regions in the southwest. Nestled between the Gulf of Mexico and Caloosahatchee River, this Floridan gem is home to over 400 miles of picturesque water canals, gorgeous nature preserves, turquoise sandy beaches, and incredible subtropical weather. An endearment to investors, residents, and tourists, Cape Coral, is a real spoil of bubbling culture, history, and recreation. So whether you’re looking for some aquatic action, seeking some historical heritage, or simply out to experience the southwesterners’ charm, Cape Coral is the place to be.

Top Six Must-see Cape Coral, Florida Attractions

Cape Coral, Florida is an easy pick on the map; the destination is knotted with scenic views, delectable cuisines, water activities, impressive wildlife, and outfitted facilities. In a sense, it is the ultimate getaway spot as it serves every interest and age imaginable, but that’s not all. Waterfront Wanderland also passes as the perfect escape for those solo, family, friends, duo, and group vacations. Ahead we look at six places worth exploring if you’re looking to visit Cape Coral sometime soon.

Sirenia Vista Park

How does a boat rental tour on an 8-acre park with manatee sightings sound? Pretty cool, I bet. In the colder winter months, tourists get treated to feeding and congregating manatees that frequent the shallow waters of Sirenia Vista Park. These blimp-like mammals are considered an endangered aquatic species; however, thanks to the sheltered canal and food abundance at the park, tourists can now see these herds decently. When you’re combing the crystalline waters of Sirenia Vista for these delightful sea cows, we’re counting on you to spot several purple martin nestings and bird species along the way.

Sunsplash Family Waterpark

Cape Coral is popular for its water activities, so much so that it’s dubbed the Waterfront Wanderland. Among the renowned water activities to explore in this region would be the Sunsplash Waterpark, a themed water park that offers exciting rides guaranteed to get your adrenaline pumping. Some notable rides to try out on this 14-acre park would be the 457-foot Electric Slide and Power Surf or the Cape Fear for the bold hydro junkies. Pro Racers should do you right if you’re one for a calmer, kid-friendly alternative. One could never run out of activity choices at the Sunsplash Family Waterpark.

Four Mile Cove Ecological Preserve

Nothing speaks of a high-energy nature atmosphere as Four Mile Cove Ecological Preserve does. This wonderful cove sits tucked away among mangrove thickets, wetlands, ibises, snakes, and raccoons. Sprawled out on about 365 acres of land, the Ecological Preserves makes the perfect tranquil spot for outdoor enthusiasts, hikers, and bird watchers. In addition to being a hikers dream, Four Mile Cove’s eco-system supports Kayaking on the banks of the Caloosahatchee River and many other waterways; this experience presents Kayakers with the perfect opportunity to explore the cove’s rare coastal prairie and aquatic life as dolphins and manatee sightings aren’t unheard of.

Pro Tip: The recommended kayaking season runs from November to May; if you visit during this time, be sure to bring your gear.

Wicked Dolphin Rum Distillery

All the rum lovers gather around because we’re about to let you in on Cape Coral’s best-kept secret- the Wicked Dolphin Rum Distillery. This gem is home to some of the best artisan rum samples on the SouthWest Florida shoreline. On reservation, the distillery will offer you free comprehensive tours, and if you’re fortunate enough, you might get to sample some of their limited edition rum that is yet to hit the market. Exciting, right? The distillers will walk you through their history, crafting process, packaging, and distribution. We don’t know about you, but this stop sounds like the perfect excuse to get away from the kids and get silly drunk on a Saturday afternoon. Psst! Don’t forget to take a bottled souvenir with you.

Southwest Florida Military Museum

Library Your trip to Cape Coral is incomplete without a touch of history. Pay a visit to Southwest Florida Military Museum and Library for an in-depth look into American history, from the Revolutionary War to Afghanistan; here you’ll find plenty of historical artifacts perfectly showcased, and cataloged to their era. The visit will give you a look into some of the military vehicles, weapons, and uniforms used by the veterans and retirees, with some dating back to World War II. The Southwest Florida Military Museum and Library also feature extensive research about the battles fought and their participants. If you’re a history fan, you don’t want to miss this. Note: Cape Coral was once a relocation spot for veterans and their families; the city, therefore, hosts the “Hometown Heroes Speaker Series,” where local veterans open up about their time in the service and how it impacted their lives.

Wrapping Up

Cape Coral is nothing short of exciting; this city is packed with fun adventures and unforgettable sites that will captivate anyone. Moreover, the cape holds an impressive edge over most vacation hotspots thanks to its modestly priced activities and free public attractions set to fit any budget. If you’ve had your eye on this Southwestern paradise, these features and the above itinerary additions should give you the nudge to plan that thrilling trip to Cape Coral. Whether you’re a self-proclaimed seafood lover, an angler at heart, a hydro head, or a historical enthusiast, Cape Coral, Florida, will show out and tug at your heartstrings, so you never want to leave again. You can’t say we didn’t warn you.